Monday, July 26, 2010

Will he? or won't he? The Cesc Fabregas Saga

With the transfer market hitting the half way point the one deal that has captivated the football headlines, outside of the Wold Cup this summer, is the potential sale of Arsenal star midfielder Cesc Fabregas to his childhood club Barcelona. Now to understand the consistent talk and rumors regarding the move, you have to understand the nature of football writing in the summer months.

The rumour mill hits over drive in Spain about Fabregas's potential move
During the summer when there are no top level European leagues playing, soccer journalist and bloggers like myself need to have fresh material to present to you the reader. So with the transfer market open and no games we all look at who's going where and it seems more importantly, who's rumoured to go where. Honest soccer writers become tabloid gossip columnists over night, and every player with half decent talent is link with a move some where. For example there have been a total of 89 different players linked to Manchester United this summer, the club can only carry 23 players by opening day. These numbers are similar at Chelsea, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

In the case of Barcelona Fabregas has become the 30 million euro question, will he come home or is he staying in London? Almost daily there's another opinion regarding the move, and another anonymous source that says that he's leaving or staying put. The man himself has been asked countless times, including after the world cup final when teammates forced a Barca shirt over his head during celebrations. Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger has been asked so many times about the move he no longer entertains questions about Fabregas's future.

At Barca the situation is a bit different, as new club president, Sandro Rosell is trying to ring in his term as "The man who brought Cesc home" In addition to adding World Cup star David Villa before the tournament began. Rosell has put out conflicting quotes first by saying the club was on the verge of wrapping up a deal with Arsenal for Fabregas, to then saying the club had no interest in the player. To then saying that a "pre-agreement" is in place for Cesc to join the club next summer.

Which ever side you choose to believe this is becoming a bit of a saga (Along with Mario Balotelli to Man City rumours). Right now as things stand, and again this is only based on the same rumours you've heard, I cannot see Fabregas leaving Arsenal this season. I do believe his heart is in Barcelona, but he has a loyalty to Arsène Wenger for sticking with him and giving him a chance at the age of 17 in Champions League. I think at the end of this up coming season Cesc is going home, the lure of the Nou Camp is too much even for the most loyal of players.

And frankly it's where his skill belongs.


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