Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quick Soccer posts

Just some news and notes for the soccer world today:

- It's been a bad month and a half for French football. First the disaster with the team mutiny in South Africa, then the fallout of said mutiny from both the public and the French government, and now this...
French international Franck Ribery was handed preliminary charges for soliciting an underage prostitute in Paris today. Another French international Karim Benzema is under investigation for the same charge. Wow that's all I can say. Click Here for the full article.

- On a lighter note, Toronto FC have reached the half way point in their season. They currently are in a playoff spot sitting 7th in a league that sends 8 teams to the playoffs. I've written a few times about the state of the club during the season, and CBC commentator and former Canadian international Jason De Vos writes a pretty accurate review on how they have done so far this season. Click Here.

- Also the vuvuzala debate has come up again...this time in England. Several teams in the English Premier League have actively banned the noise makers. The BBC outlines the teams and the why's.

Enjoy the links!

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