Saturday, July 31, 2010

An interesting soccer idea for Caribana weekend

As most people here in Toronto it's Caribana weekend, I'm taking a year off from the parade as I've been about 16 times in my life, and frankly they have become less appealing as its become more corporate (it's now called Scotiabank Caribana).

With that said I read an interesting post from Duane Rollins on the 24th minute blog regarding a Caribana international soccer tournament. The idea is that Caribbean nations (Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, St. Vincent etc...) play against Canada's U-20 or U-23 squad in a cup tournament. I personally think it's a great idea as Caribbean ex-pats get to see their countries play, and Canadians get to see some of our young players in competitive action. As Duane states Canada could, A) use the money generated to improve to squads B) Build a tradition of football in the community and C) Get the national squad more games which they desperately need.

Logistically it might be difficult as you would probably have to play the games at BMO field which is right in the way of the parade, but if it can be pulled off I think it should be done. I'll fight for it to happen for sure.

Read Duane's post here.



  1. I love the idea!!! Although why the U-20 or U-23 squad... I think that the Canadian national team should play, or are all the Canadians in MLS and they can't ?! I'm just sayin'
    Anyhow, it is a very good idea to get some games done and if it is done in a smart way it could become the Carribean version of the EURO one day... Am I dreaming? :)

  2. Well Vaslie, there is the CONCACAF Gold Cup tournament which is our version of the Euro's, all Carribean nations that qualify are invited.

    The reason I was thinking the U-20's was that they need game action. The team does not play a ton of friendlies so the tournament would be good as a competitive vehicle for them.

    That said I wouldn't complain if the senior squad got involved.