Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Dad...WTF!

Here's a small story that has slipped under the radar during the World Cup that deserves a mention. During Portugal's ill fated run in the tournament, Cristiano Ronaldo became the father of a whining...sorry bouncing baby boy!

Yes I really did say that, and yes it's really true.

The mother is unknown and it is unclear on how she is or was related to the Real Madrid star forward. All we know at this point is that Cristiano's mother and sister will be taking care of the baby in Portugal. Ronny has been called many things negative, but one of the positive things is that he is known as a family person. Hopefully the birth of his first child will help him settle down a bit from his hard partying lifestyle. One also hopes it helps him keep his head on straight, he is not known to be the most modest of people. He needs to understand that it can no longer be all about him, and that he needs to set an example not only for the throngs on kids that look up to him as and athlete, but for his new son. If you want another view of this check out my friend Jemima Codrington's post on

He needs to do better that this:

It will be interesting to see if this in anyway affected his play during the tournament. It is the widely held belief that this was one of Ronaldo's most disappointing showings in a Portugal shirt. Although he was heavily marked he lacked to star quality in his matches. As you see above he ended the tournament on a sour note which has led to speculation that he had a massive falling out with the national team manager Carlos Queiroz. Also the question of should he keep the national team captaincy has grown louder as many have called for the Portuguese F.A to strip him of the arm band for Euro 2012.

As the European club season draws closer, the question will be can Ronaldo juggle a baby and his footballing responsibilities at Real Madrid?

Stay tuned folks this soap opera is likely to have a few more twists and turns.


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