Saturday, July 10, 2010

The key to tomorrow's World Cup final

So what else can be said that already hasn't been said about tomorrow's world cup final? We all know it'll be a sexy match full of wonderfully talented players, it will be also be a tight game with a lot of the play happening in the midfield. Most will point to the two star players as the keys to victory for either side. I agree that David Villa for Spain and Wesley Sneijder for the Netherlands will have to play massive roles for their clubs in order to win, however this will not be as big a factor as which team will be able to contain their emotions and execute their manager's game plan.

This final presents something we haven't seen since 1978, two teams that will be chasing their first World Cup title. For all the players, manager's, coaches and supporters this will be a new and exciting experience. The emotion of potentially being called the best in the world is something that can be daunting for any seasoned professional, especially when representing their country on the highest stage of the game.

The question will be, which side is best suited to deal with the pressure of entire an nation's expectations and dreams? Both are accomplished footballing nations with proud histories. Both countries have also been world football's two biggest underachievers, each having disappointed in World Cups past.

With no players on either side having World Cup final experience it will be interesting to see how the captains will try to calm the players down in the first 10-15 minutes. Not only will they have to manage the weight of their own responsibilities on the pitch, but now they will have to be an on pitch manager controlling the emotions of their team mates. The squad who can cope with the pressure first will have a decided edge in who will lift the World Cup trophy at the end of the match.

This element of the unknown is what makes this world cup final so attractive, this really in my opinion is a real toss up game in terms of trying to pick a winner. Both teams are treading into uncharted territory and the team that handles the big stage the best will have won their country the biggest sporting prize in the world....No pressure boys!


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