Monday, March 29, 2010

Spot # 1 The Football Factory

Located at 164 Bathurst St, one block south of Queen sits the one of the newest and friendliest places to watch a match in the city. The Football Factory (named after the classic brit football hooligan film)is not what you might think of as a typical "pub". The factory is a well designed modern take on what this generation of football fan comes to expect on a day out to watch his or her club.

Although the classic style British pub still exists to suit the needs of the old school punters (Mcveigh's as an example), the "Premier League era" fan is looking for the same type of atmosphere without the dank smell of old kegs and beer nuts. The menu at the factory is great without being to 5 start that the place loses it's cred as a football venue, I highly recommend the chicken wrap by the way.

As for what most of us footy fans love, the tap and bottle selection is excellent with a little something for all tastes. The bar is well stocked with all the standard liquors needed for those who prefer to stay away from the brew. As at any good sporting bar (though I would start to label the factory as a gastro-pub) seating at the bar is a key to the overall experience. Having downed a few Sunday afternoon while watching the Madrid derby I found myself enjoying the surroundings at the bar. It was defiantly the main focal point of the bar both for watching the match and for the conversation.

Which leads me into what I love most about the factory, a bar or restaurant is only as good as the people who frequent the establishment. I must say I have never enjoyed myself as much as I did at a bar on a Sunday afternoon for 2 1/2 hours as I did at the factory. The passion people there had for the game was incredible. The level of knowledge was excellent, without being condescending or frankly dickish! This is important for people who are trying the place out for the first time or who are new to the game as well. The owners Pat Pennman and Christine Whittick are welcoming and are eager to share their love of the game and their establishment with you. The staff are also friendly and prompt, which as we know in the pub world always is not the case.

Overall The Football factory is an excellent place to feel the pulse of Toronto's growing football culture, I highly recommend checking out any TFC matches in Saturday afternoons, though you must get there early as the place is rammed 20 mins before kick off. I also will recommended checking out your favorite club there (schedule permitting) they play more than just EPL or La liga matches think Brazilian league! You can also call ahead for private functions and for booths with your own flat screen T.V.

Thanks for checking in this week, be sure to check back next week as I'll reviewing another famous footy jaunt Scallywags!


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