Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Soccer in Canada has a long history in this country going back to U.K settlers on both coasts. As you may or may not be surprised at the fact that Canada Select teams have not only played England squads, but have won on a few occasions. However those great moments have been overshadowed by the importance of "our game" (hockey).

However in recent times starting with Canada's one and only World Cup appearance in 1986, there has been increasing interest around soccer in Canada. This has been enhanced by the large immigrant population that bring football over as a passion and the substantial increase in T.V exposure to top European leagues (especially the EPL). Enrollment in grass roots youth soccer has now outpaced youth hockey enrollment, and more local clubs are starting up across the country. As those youth players become teens more of these players are staying with the sport where traditionally they would have dropped out; and now with MLS (Major League Soccer) adding teams to Canada we are starting to see the long awaited development of the professional game.

So with all that said the question must be asked, Why has the Men's team failed to qualify for the past 6 World Cups?

Do we lack the raw talent? (i.e. Messi, Ronaldo Torres)

Do we lack a proper Youth set up?

Are we not producing Elite level players?

Are we identifying top young talent and moving them from the recreational level to the advanced level?

Does the CSA (Canadian Soccer Association) need an overhaul?

I'll be looking at some of there issues over the coming weeks, but let me know what you think, Can Canada qualify for a World Cup in the next 10 years?

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