Monday, March 8, 2010

So it begins!

Hello all! So here it is, I've finally gotten off my ass and started pouring all the opinions I'm sure I've bored some of you with down so others can see. I plan to write about the hot topics in world football that are affecting this truly global game. I also plan to add to the growing number of blogs that are chronicling the Canadian soccer scene (Shout out to the 24th minute). This will be a companion piece to a vlog I'll be doing at least once a week, though I'll be surmising on here most of the time.

2010 has been and will continue to be a very interesting if not ground breaking year in world football. With the first ever World Cup to be held on African soil just 3 months away (June 11th South Africa v Mexico). It promises to be one of the most watched and scrutinized World Cup tournaments ever. With all the usual suspects qualifying for the tournaments (though some by dubious manners which can be discussed in a later blog) there will be no shortage of excellent football on display. Currently the favorites to lift the trophy on July 11 at Soccer City Johannesburg are Spain or Brazil, however this tournament will be fielding one of the strongest South American and African contingent of teams in tournament history. This is especially true of the African teams that have qualified. Aside from the hosts South Africa the other 4 teams pose a threat of making at least the second round...yes I'm saying Algeria could make the second round England supporters! The two strongest African sides at the moment are Ivory Coast and Ghana as both sides have strong midfielders and forwards that can carry the balance of the play. The weakness of both sides will be their back fours and in goal, though I believe Ivory Cost is stronger in both cases. Although I do not believe an African team will win in 2010, this will continue to lay the ground work for 2014 in Brazil where I believe an African team can at least reach the semis. As we draw closer to June 11th I will be creating blogs breaking down each group and team.

Here in Canada I cannot remember a World Cup being so widely anticipated by a large number of the Canadian populace. It is a sign that Soccer both as a sport and as a cultural identity can survive even -40 degree winters to become a part of the Canadian sporting fabric. I hope I can in my own small way contribute to that.

Well thanks for reading the maiden voyage, always let me know what you think and see you soon!

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