Wednesday, May 18, 2011

EPL Goal of the Year

I enjoyed coming up with my favorites at the end of 2010. Now that the EPL season is ending this weekend, I figured I'd present you with some of my end of year favorites and awards.

Today...Goal of the year.

I've already devoted a blog post on this goal but when watching it again, it brings it all home. My EPL goal of the year is the Wayne Rooney over head kick to win the 2nd round of the Manchester derby. Yes as I admitted then I'm a Manchester United supporter and I clearly have personal stakes in this choice...but really if you look at it and the other candidates, it's simply the best.

The key is the technique, especially because the ball from Nani is played behind him. However he adjusts ever so well before leaping up and hitting the ball as perfectly as you possibly can. The fact was Joe Hart has no chance.

(Please click on the link below the player) Video provided by Wat.TV.

A close second was Arsenal's Samir Nasri and his magic in the box, Third Carlos Tevez's free kick goal form Tuesday night.



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