Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2010 FIFA Goal of the year nominee's

As we get closer to the end of the year FIFA begins it mass of useless awards season, but there are two that are always the most debated. With the Ballon d'or now rolled into the FIFA world player of the year award, there will be endless debate about who the best is. Though I've already answered that (wink..wink). The other surprises me a bit. FIFA goal of the year is always a debate starter as it is so subjective, depending on which league you watch, the club you support or the national team you cheer for. For example, if you were cheering for Uruguay you probably won't pick Gio Van Bronckhorst’s goal in Holland’s World Cup semi-final win over Uruguay. Or if you're a Valencia supporter you not picking a goal in which Messi made your team look like school boy players.

Needless to say FIFA has to narrow this down to 10 finalist, though we have no idea on what the criteria for this group other than they all look awesome. So I've embedded the 10 nominee's in this post let me know what you think by leaving a comment. I personally I'm haing a hard time between Matty Burrows's flick goal and Linus Hallenius "Van Basten" impression.

Decide for yourself...

Linus Hallenius "Van Basten" impression

Arjen Robben’s goal v Schalke in the German League Cup back in March.

Gio Van Bronckhorst’s goal in Holland’s World Cup semi-final

South Africa’s Siphiwe Tshabalala’s opening goal of the World Cup v Mexico

Kumi Yokoyama in Japan’s loss to North Korea in the Women’s under-17 Final, dribbled around most of the team.

Turkey’s Hamit Altintop’s amazing volley strike against Kazakhstan in Euro 2012 qualifying


Santos’s Neymar with a flashy display that surely caught Chelsea’s attention

Northern Ireland’s Matty Burrows scores an unforgettable goal for Glentoran

Samir Nasri’s goal last season in the Champions League (Believe I shouted out this goal out earlier this year by the by)

Messi....What I need to say something else?


  1. I personally don't think Messi's goal that made this list is his best this year. I'll post my favorite as soon as I can find a quality vid.

  2. Matty Burrows should win!

  3. I want to agree with you, it's a once in a career goal, but I'm leaning towards Linus Hallenius's goal. I love when players use a chip touch to get around a defender like that!

  4. I would pick Hallenius´s goal due to the fact it´s a "3-move"-goal, without letting the ball hit the ground. Controll it, Chip it, blast it.

  5. Mr Scott I agree with you whole Heartedly!

  6. The Japanese girl killed it