Thursday, March 24, 2011

-1 degree and going: Why I'll brave it for TFC's home opener Saturday

Bundle up Saturday!

Many of you will think I'm just about nuts to be willing to stand outside near Lake Ontario for 2 hours to watch a soccer game. Especially to watch Toronto FC after their dreadful display last weekend against Vancouver. In some ways I actually might be a bit nuts but that's another post for another day. Everything leans to the team playing another sub-par game, another game with a lot possession but no forward thrust. In fact everything points to it being a complete miserable day on the pitch for your local boys in Red.

So why the hell am I doing this???

The reason is everything happening in the stands. I've been to a ton of TFC games at BMO Field, but never a home opener. From what I've seen and hear from friends who have been it is a electric atmosphere. On top of that it's always fun to see what the U-Sector and Red patch boys have come up with for the new TIFO. Last years was a Star Wars themed one which was call for victory. Unfortunately those call went unheard in the end but it was still cool to see.

TFC 2010 Home Opener TIFO
 It also fun to see all the first timers, going into year five you can pick them out pretty easily as at first they look a bit lost and overwhelmed; however after 20 minutes they start to get into the game and what's happening in the South end. By 80 they are hooked. As all of us soccer fans in Canada are trying to draw more people to the game it is always good to see new or causal supporters come out and get behind the game.

I have a unique perspective on the proceedings at BMO as I have seen games both as a fan, and as a writer in the press box. I can tell you that watching the game in the stands as a supporter will always outweigh sitting in the press box, well except for the food.. they do feed the press well! The energy of the fans and the the proximity to the pitch always makes the game more exciting! Mind you I don't miss over priced beer or mass selling near the gates.

So I'll be up early getting my game face on ready to take on often talked about Timber Army of Portland, so bundle up, suck it up, drink it up and support your Toronto Football Club!


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