Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to be a goal poacher Feat Edison Cavani

Edison Cavani- Showing you how it's done!

Aside from the F.A Cup this weekend we had the return of Serie A in Italy and we had ourselves a match between Napoli and Juventus. The final was a resounding 3-0 for Napoli which put them into second place in  Serie A. All three Napoli goals were scored by Uruguayan international Edison Cavani who became a bit more of a house hold name thanks to a solid World Cup last summer.

What I want to show was not just the three goals he scored, but the class of which he scored them. All three were headers and all were wonderfully set up, and Cavani's movement was excellent on all three.

For the first goal, watch Cavani's movement. He holds his run before the ball is crossed into the box, doing an excellent job creating space between himself and the defender. When he finally heads the ball he does two things which a critically important, 1) He heads the ball downwards which makes it difficult for both the keeper and the defender on the line to stop the ball. 2) Instead of powering the ball into the goal he uses the momentum of the cross to pass it into the goal. This gave him maximum control in order to place it where he wanted.

For the second goal a lot of credit has to go to former Liverpool left back Andrea Dossena and his excellent cross. However like the first goal Cavani staggers his run for half a second which when running full tilt creates enough space for Dossena to place the cross and for Cavani to jump for the header. This was difficult one as the defender was right on him, but he does an excellent job of heading downwards and directing back into the direction it was coming from. He also puts a bit more power on this one which helps it past the diving keeper.

The third goal is a magic team goal with a beautiful pass from Lavezzi to Hamsik for the first part of the move. Lavezzi could have played the ball straight to Cavani, but instead did the right thing by slipping the onside Hamsik through. The second part of the move was the excellent cross by Hamsik to feed Cavani for the brave diving header. Through it looks like Hamsik sells the cross short he actually plays to perfectly as if he tries to loop it higher it either gets picked off by a defender or the keeper. Cavani's run is excellent looping just outside of the far post the cutting in to head the ball. One of the best team goals so far this season.

Hope you enjoyed that, scoring a goal is much harder the Edison Cavani makes it look. A big thanks to Footytube.com for the video!



  1. Which shows just how talented south american football is and how less so for the north american, and that is sad.
    BTW, it's EdiNson Cavani and not Edison.

  2. True, but I think it'll take time for N.A footballers to get to that level. It will come because the money is there to invest in youth, but no matter how much money you have it can't buy world class talent.