Thursday, August 5, 2010

When football gives back "The Umbro Great Pass Project"

In the this age of modern football where multi millionaire players, owners and administrators get the lion's share of headlines, especially during this time of the year. It is always good to make a moment and recognize when the game and the people surrounding it are finding ways to give back.

Kickball for kids is a non for profit organization which has one simple but very important goal, get soccer balls into the hands of children in Africa. As many of you saw during the World Cup this summer children love playing the game, however most do not have a proper ball to play with. As I had mention in my "why soccer" post, the beauty of the game is that anyone has access to the game. I've seen kids tie a bunch of plastic shopping bags into a ball and play with that. 

Although there is access, this does not mean there isn't need. Bringing soccer balls to some of the most impoverished not only helps with the development of the youths skills, but this also gives the chance for kids to be kids. Which goes a long way in stabilizing a child's state of mind. It can be an escape for a few hours for what at times can be a very tough life.

So I believe it's high time of Football Saves All and its readers to step up to the plate and help. Through Umbro Canada through Kickballs for Kids will be hand out a soccer ball for every 5 people that sign up for Umbro Canada's newsletter. The program is called The Umbro Great Pass Project.

 Help get this awesome organization over the top!


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