Monday, May 3, 2010

My moment with the cup

So this one is going to be short and sweet. The picture attached to this post is me (now you know what I look like) and the World Cup trophy last Wednesday night in downtown Toronto. I was already geeked up for the Toronto FC v Montreal Impact match I was going to see with a friend at 8, however I funny thing happened a day earlier. I was watching CBC Newsworld as I always do before heading out to work when a commercial for the World Cup Trophy tour aired, claiming that it was on it way to Toronto that Wednesday. Now I had absolutely no idea there was even a tour going on I scurried to my laptop and started to google as much info as possible. Once I obtained the the info and ticket needed I started to think of this post and sharing the pic with you all....

However this almost didn't happen, as I said earlier I was meeting a friend for the TFC match and we were heading to BMO by 7. The convoluted process of line ups and mandatory staging areas in which Coca Cola (tour sponsors) were trying to sell you on the infallibility of Coke almost cost me my opportunity with the trophy. Although when I got to the stage and saw the trophy I finally understood why so many people turned out and waited in line for just 10 seconds with it. It is SOLID gold and taller than you probably think. Now I have seen the Stanley Cup and the European Cup both of which are up there as my favorite looking trophies, but the WC trophy is simply breathtaking to stare at.

You may not get the grandeur of it though the picture but take it from me, on June 11th everyone will know why it is the most sought after prize in modern sports.

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