Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Random musings

So I have a few thoughts on the past week in football let me know what think...

Many football writers have written about the perceived downfall of the Italian Serie A, especially about the fourth place champions league spot being handed to Germany. Is it just me or does this talk seem way to premature? If you stack the top four teams in Italy against the top four of Germany I dare you to tell me Germany will win 9 times out of 10. The top players in the world will still be attracted to playing in a markets like Milan, Rome, Turin or Florence. This is meant to be no offence to Munich, Hoffienheim, or Wolfsburg but the top teams in Italy are still light years ahead with the exception of Bayern Munich.

Sir Alex Ferguson is considered to be the greatest manager in UK football history, however the decisions in terms of team selection in the past few Weeks have been shockingly bad. From deploying a five man mid field away to Bayern with no attacking emphasis, to playing a over the hill Gary Neville against a speedy Florent Malouda and Joe Cole against Chelsea. It seems Sir Alex has lost a bit of the plot in the title race. Oh and one more thing...What the hell was he thinking playing Rooney on a seriously bummed ankle?

Note to Adrian Mutu...lay off the blow buddy!

Note to John Terry...you're a twat! And you shouldn't go to South Africa, but since England has no other real international class centre backs consider yourself a lucky boy!

So Jose Mourinho is crying again that he wants out of Italian football and back into England...Good luck with that! Unless he really wants to manage Liverpool, which he does not.

If he can stay healthy Sebastian Giovinco of Juventus will be an awesome player!

Eden Hazard will also be an world class player...if he does not go to Real Madrid in the summer.

Messi is the best player in the world..but best ever...Let`s see in a few years!

One more thing Wembley...get your pitch right!


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